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Within the Hungarian Peacekeepers' Association on the 20th of February, 2009 has been created the Amrs Control Working Group. The aim of the ACWG to popularize the fundamental principles of the arms control and the confidence security building measures, to organize presentations and shows in various educational institutions, and to maintain and strengthen the spirit of traditions of the armc ontrol amd the CSNMs atctivitis. In addition, we would like to establish contacts with similar international organizations as well.

Leader of the ACWG: Maria Aved Mobil: +36305256321

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20th anniversary of Hungarian arms control

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On the 28th September 2010, the HDF Operations Centre has been organised a ceremonial meeting in the Stefánia-palace on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hungarian arms control.
During this meeting, Mr Péter Siklósi, State Secretary for Defence Policy and Defence Planning, furthermore - on behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff - Brigadier General Zoltán Mihócza, head of the MoD Force Planning Department and Mme Eszter Sándorfi, head of the Defence Policy and Non-proliferation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered their speeches to the present personnel.
   In his speech, Brigadier General Zoltán Mihócza has commemorated on the legal predecessor organisations, on the achievements and missions accomplished during the past 20 years especially emphasising the efforts towards the transfer of experience gained during the implementation of the Treaty on Open Skies.
   In retrospect of the most important political events of the 20 years, Mr Péter Siklósi has highlighted the role of the arms-control regimes during the period following the Cold War. He also indicated, that the despite the political changes, the importance of the conventional arms-control systems did not change and we have to prepare for the management of the new challenges.
   In her speech, Mme Eszter Sándorfi has emphasised the pioneering role of the Republic of Hungary and within it the arms-controllers in the field of regional measures within the framework of the Vienna Document which can be an example to be followed for many States.
   In recognition of the Ministry of Defence’s and the Hungarian Defence Forces‘ – internationally acclaimed and outstanding - accomplishments, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreiign Affairs, Mme Eszter Sándorfi has donated a special ribbon for the HDF Operation Centre’s flag.
   Representatives of the neighbouring countries’ and Germany’s verification centres and personnel serving during the past 20 years in the predecessor organisations have also participated in this ceremonial meeting.
The meeting has been concluded by the “Honvéd Ensemble’s” programme of high standard.

Photos taken during the event can be found >>HERE<<